Norgren blows away moisture with new Hydra-D air dryers

4th November 2014, posted in News

Norgren has introduced a new range of ultra-high purity desiccant air dryers delivering breakthrough drying performance.

Eliminating many of the problems associated with traditional dryers, the Hydra-D range uses the pressure swing adsorption principle to efficiently dry compressed air, minimising the risk of water contamination. Compressed air contains moisture which condenses to water droplets when it cools, with the potential for both equipment damage and process contamination. It can also lead to the growth of microorganisms, meaning it is essential for industries such as food process and packaging, chemical and pharmaceutical for the air to be as clean and dry as possible.

Hydra-D dryers feature a heatless twin tower configuration housed in a modular design, with each column containing a desiccant cartridge incorporating inlet and outlet filtration. This delivers Engineering Advantage by improving the flow distribution, resulting in enhanced performance while lowering the pressure drop, meaning purge air for regeneration is only 15%, while dew point monitoring means purge only occurs when the bed is regenerating.

The dryer is controlled by a robust and reliable programmable logic controller (PLC) system which periodically switches the solenoid valves during operation, reversing the function of each column and so ensuring a continuous supply of dry air.

Optimum dew point performance is ensured through a pressure maintaining device which controls air velocity.

Delivering air in accordance with the highest industry standards, Hydra-D air dryers are 100% leak, function and performance tested. Other features include PLC memory retention, a strong, corrosion-resistant construction, and the ability to be either floor or wall-mounted.

Colin Billiet of Norgren explained: “The new dryers draw on proven desiccant drying technology delivering clean, dry air for functions where air quality cannot be compromised. The range incorporates new patented features which deliver increased reliability with reduced running costs and simplified maintenance.

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